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By combining sections of the tax code with the wellness provisions of the ACA, businesses can provide key healthcare and wellness benefits to their workforce at no additional cost with no disruption/change to the current employee benefit offerings. The business that qualifies saves on average $500 per employee, per year in FICA tax savings that can be reinvested and used toward growth and expansion.  The employee’s tax savings is used to pay for key healthcare and wellness benefits with no change to their take home pay. 

Preventative Healthcare Initiative (PHI)
powered by the Mayo Clinic

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Does your business qualify for PHI?

Find out in 2 simple steps!


  • Exclusive preventative health and wellness benefits for the            employee + their family 

  • No cost to the employer, employee or their family to participate

  • Reduction on annual healthcare costs (Self Insured companies can see a 40-60% decrease in their prescription drug spend, on average)

  • Healthy, focused employees with increased productivity and reduced absenteeism 

  • Increased talent attraction and employee retention

  • $500 per employee, per year, on average, in FICA tax savings

Business Outcomes and Workforce Benefits:   

Step 1: Give us a call for your free, no-obligation consultation

Step 2: Provide some key information and we'll crunch the numbers

to determine your savings

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation. Let's see if you qualify!

Featured Benefits Include: 

Free Pharmacy:  90% of the most prescribed medications in America, FREE  

• 125+ Acute Medications that can be picked up at over 64,000 pharmacies FREE    

• 480+ Maintenance or Chronic Medications shipped directly to your door FREE    

• Generic formula medications free for you and your family, no copays or deductibles


A Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy with Living Benefits

• Living benefits accumulates cash value and also covers critical illnesses    

• Accumulated cash value $1200 per year, on average, no health assessments to qualify    

• Issued to and owned by the employee, portable upon termination of employment  


TeleMedicine Package:  Virtual Primary Care Physicians + Virtual Urgent Care 24/7/365 

• Provides access to virtual emergency and primary care physicians for you and your family    

• Diagnose, prescribe medications, order labs, make referrals, and triage when you need it most    

• A Virtual Primary Care Physician dedicated to you and your family’s long-term medical needs    

• Never a copay for visits, does not affect insurance and no deductibles to meet


24aLife Mayo Clinic Program Combines the four pillars of healthy lifestyle:

Physical activity, nutrition, psychology and medicine


Customized Wellness and Health Coaching for your individual wellness goals:

Provides targeted, timely information tailored to support your individual health and wellness goals, and counseling for the management of chronic conditions


Hope 80/20 Diabetes and Weight-Loss Program:

This program is granted by the CDC and approved by the AMA and shows significant improvement in diabetes and pre-diabetes control


CorpCare Counseling:

Professional counselors who can help you get to the root of your concerns, overcome emotional challenges, and make positive changes in your life.

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