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Free Pharmacy


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EmpowerHealth is pleased to provide you access to the nation’s first free generic medication pharmacy program. 

  • This is not a discount card – this is a standalone, non-insurance, no co-pay medication membership pharmacy program.  Once you become a member, you will get your generic medications for FREE!

  • Sign up for membership using EmpowerHealth’s promo codes to get your discount.

  • Search list of 605 medications

  • Call MyFreePharmacy’s coaches to review your needs.

  • Transfer your prescriptions.

  • MyFreePharmacy will contact you to confirm your order.

  • You receive your medications at your home for FREE!

Discover our healthcare system-altering, member- based FREE pharmacy solution so access to your prescriptions is an easy, affordable choice. 

America has a prescription drug cost crisis. 


Sign up using EmpowerHealth’s promo codes and receive a discount of $17.95 a month for individuals or $27.95 a month for families.

Membership includes:

  • Acute/immediate need (under 21 days) generic formula medications are available for FREE pick up at 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. 

  • The BEST diabetes program in the nation: diabetes oral generic medications and starter kit are FREE, insulin at $19.88/vial.

  • Free chronic and maintenance generic formula prescriptions are shipped directly to your home in 1-3 days, with free shipping. 

  • Pharmacy coaching is also free. Transition your existing prescriptions hassle-free with your MyFreePharmacy team. These licensed pharmacists can also discuss options with you and your doctor to determine available generic versions of your medications to save you money. 

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