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We are changing the way Americans access prescriptions and medical care.


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We are a passionate and educated team of professionals, missioned to connect people to the most reliable, disruptive and affordable healthcare solutions. We provide access to the most innovative, award-winning services that make overall well-being easier for all. Our goal is to ensure that companies, individuals, and families alike have easy access to real healthcare solutions that support healthier, more productive and successful lifestyles - with real savings and better bottom line for all.    

We bring our business experience and collective energy to curating, packaging, delivering, and making available powerful and affordable healthcare choices for everyone.

We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas (and actions) are humane.

-Kurt Vonnegut

Patricia Jones, CEO
Direct: +1-310-420-4717


Patricia Jones

Patricia Jones, recognized as a prominent Healthcare Leader and Human Connector, has been a pioneer in the field of healthcare for over 40 years impacting companies’ product distribution, sales numbers, and program creation through leading and training sales forces, educators, schools, and communities.


Paralleling her career, Patricia is also Founder and CEO of PS I Love You Foundation since 1998, where she has been developing and implementing well-being programs reaching 25,000 students to date, authored a series of Social Emotional Learning programs serving hundreds of classrooms and youth groups annually, and empowered collaborative partnerships with power-house service groups like LA County Department of Education, LA County Department of Juvenile Justice, Rotary International, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, Bank of America and Fabletics that continually work together to teach her Social Emotional Learning Programs impacting the well-being of hundreds of youth annually. Patricia’s programs are described and “cognitive behavioral therapy in a classroom style setting” and have gained recognition by county and congress throughout LA County and beyond.


Patricia’s dedication and passion to the health and wellness of youth and our communities is the drive that inspired Empower Health LLC.  Patricia had identified the need to curate and deliver the most disruptive healthcare initiative offering affordable and reliable pharmaceuticals, mental health counseling and health services to positively impact America’s healthcare crisis.


Stacy Lezaja, VP Corporate Strategy & Consulting
Direct: +1-877-574-4434

Stacy Lezaja

An experienced business and human resources executive, Stacy Lezaja, partners with EmpowerHealth, bringing 28 years of total rewards experience.
Prior to partnering with Empower Health, Stacy served as COO and in various executive human resources roles, both globally and nationwide, for a variety of firms in architectural design, pharmaceutical and insurance industries. In addition to being instrumental in developing and implementing; total rewards, talent acquisition and talent management strategies, she’s had the honor to lead several vision and value teams to identify the organizations’ strength in culture and brand to ensure business success through growth and cultural transformation.


Understanding that employer sponsored programs have a direct impact on budgets,

the business’ ability to attract and retain talent, as well as performance and productivity, Stacy’s mission is to find the appropriate balance between cost and value. Providing affordable and quality healthcare program choices to support your overall business needs, is why Empower Health was formed.


Angie Bortolotti

Partner, Products & Consulting
Direct: +1-310-902-2253

Angie Bortolotti

An experienced business owner and connector, Angie Bortolotti brings her passion for bringing purpose-driven, disruptive products and services to the market. She brings her experience in the film and television business, as well as her experience creating effective, money-saving programs to Empower Health to drive opportunities for strategic partnerships to bring system-altering services to market - especially to those who need them most. 

Angie is dogged in her pursuit of products and services that can significantly drive down necessary costs for companies large and small, organizations, as well as families and individuals. If you have products or services to review for potential partnership, please reach her at 310-902-2253. 

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