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about EmpowerHealth's programs

Life is expensive without spending more than I can afford to stay well. I don't want to cut my medications in half because I can't afford them. I know it's dangerous, especially with extended release medications and my diabetes medications. Thank you, EmpowerHealth, for bringing this program to me. It's a life altering. 

- Rob, Santa Monica California

"Together, my wife and I are on a dozen medications, which was costing us more than we could afford, but we couldn't go without them. A friend of ours told us about the program and it's changed our life! No we worry less about staying alive and more about living!" 

- Terry and Joanne, Cleveland Ohio

With Covid and this crazy RSV virus going around - along with the normal cold and flu season - I had no idea what to do. My whole family ended up sick medications that were absolutely not in our family budget - and we don't have insurance. The bill from my pharmacy was $490. It was absolutely undoable. With EmpowerHealth's MyFreePharmacy program, I was able to join with my entire family of 6 - for $29 a month.  One fee for all of us! That I can afford - and I'm no longer afraid of the cost of getting sick! That's priceless. AND - I got to walk out of CVS without paying for anything because I had my MyFreePharmacy member card. I hadn't smiled like that in a LONG time. 

- Jamie, St. Maries Idaho


“I absolutely love the program. The process is great, it was very easy to sign up and receive my card. Each email that you receive gives you step by step instructions. When I called in to transfer our medications, the CSR I spoke with verified all information and made the process to transfer the prescriptions seamless. I then received an email telling me that the medications were on the way. They were sent in two packages scheduled to be delivered on Monday, and I received the early on Friday. I have done the math on what we pay for our prescriptions and the gas to pick up because we live in a rural area, and we are on track to save about $750.00 this year on medications. I stand behind this prescription program 100% and will recommend it to anyone that has Farm Bureau.”   Michigan Farm Bureau 


AKRON, Ohio, August 10, 2022 ( - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, drug prices were five times greater in 2021 than in 1984. Dealing with these record costs is no easy task, but smart consumers are looking for new solutions including MyFreePharmacy, a service that offers all-inclusive monthly subscriptions including standard shipping and covering more than 600 generic drugs.



"MyFreePharmacy currently mails out truckloads of FREE prescriptions nationwide every month to our members. The program is a game changer — where else can you get FREE prescriptions? We want to make a difference out there, especially during these inflationary times, and we are doing it for our members, one prescription at a time."  Doug Behrens. CEO, MFP 

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